Getting old is dangerous…

No, it really is, not only because of diseases or brittle bones and things like those that come as we age but, other things too. I know this is March and she is known as a “windy month” but, today I was walking out my drive to the mailbox to see what wonderful and magical things my carrier had left for me when a gust of wind broadsided me from the right and nearly blew me off my feet. I do seem to be shrinking but I hope that doesn’t mean I will have to stay in the house when the wind is blowing. As I walked I wondered if the wind might blow a limb off one of the ole oak trees that grow by my driveway and hit me in the head but, I didn’t think it might blow me away.

Speaking of getting hit on the head, if you have ever wondered why I am the way I am, I can’t tell you how many injuries I have had to my head. I was in the band from 4th grade on. When I was in the 6th grade my class went on a field trip on the Friday before Easter. I was to play in a clarinet trio for the sunrise service. Someone accidently hit me in the head, knocking me out and causing me to have several metal clamps in my head. I did play in the trio that Sunday morning but my head had such a large bandage on it I couldn’t wear my Easter hat.

I want to leave you with this image. You can say that it is the beginning of you day or the end of your day. No matter how you see it it is beautiful. These are the kind of days I wish for you. Until the next time.

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