The word “covid” is an acronym. I went online to find out what the letters stood for. What I found was that they took letters from the words “coronavirus disease” to get co, vi, d = covid. They sure didn’t work too hard on that one.

What has your life been like since all this began? Did it change much? Mine did not. Since I am retired I don’t go much. If you have followed me very long you know I live on a farm. You also know that I love to take photographs. I have taken thousands of images since we had to isolate ourselves. I mostly shoot nature shots.

I really like to go on cruises, but they stopped and even the airlines quit flying. I didn’t completely shut down, I just drew in my boundaries. I have my own little world right here on the farm. You know the old saying , “When you are given lemons make lemonade.”

There were a few things I missed. I love going to live music events and they were all cancelled. Then someone came with the idea of doing them on Zoom and I could watch them on my computer. I would go to the movie theater now and then for a good movie but, they all closed. I was glad I had Netflix and Amazon Prime so I could watch movies and documentaries when I wanted.

Old duck going for a swim

I don’t know if life will ever be as it once was but, I am happy with the life I have. I hope these times haven’t changed your life so much that you can’t find happiness. It is there, you just have to be open to it. See ya later.

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  1. These are wise words, Mel!

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