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Okay, the ones of you reading this right now have made it through nearly a full of a pandemic. It reminds me of having a dreaded disease where the doctors are pumping poison into you that not only works on ridding your body of the disease but destroys other parts, such as, your immune system as well. While this is happening you are in a quarantine similar to what we are going through now, wearing masks, social distancing and washing your hands. You do these things because you are very susceptible to infections.

When you are going through this you feel worse than you have felt in your life. You can either sit on your haunches and feel sorry for yourself or, you can see it as a test that you have been given. When you are learning things you always have a test to see if you got it or not, when you’re in school, learn to drive a car, get a job, get married and have children. We have these tests to find out how strong or weak we really are.

Our country is going through a huge test right now. We as a people seem to be growing angrier and angrier with one another. As for myself I stay here on my farm and do what needs to be done. I love photography and find a lot of peace in nature. I try to gives thanks and gratitude to God every day for all that I have. At this point in my life I don’t need much.

I will close this today with the beautiful sunrise that greeted me yesterday morning. I hope you find love, peace and good health. Someone said to me once….”Look how much you have, look how far you’ve come, look how fast it happened…how easy did you let be?”

It has been a while since my last entry. I don’t know why because I have words and thoughts whirling around inside my head all time. I always have a dialog going with someone or something. Sometimes it is with God, my parents and siblings, my children, my pets or even plants.

I guess one reason it has taken me so long to post anything is because I have never experienced a time like we are going through right now. It is not the social distancing or not being able to travel that bothers me so much, it is how it is effecting others. Since I retired I have a pretty slow pace that I live. I have a lot of interests and can always find something to do whether it is doing a project in my workshop, there are lots of things to photograph, a new book to read or playing and listening to music.

Some people are using this time to build bonds with family. Others are finding they can be very creative in ways they never thought possible. The ones that bother me are those that use this situation to be angry and aggressive. Some think this the ending of the world, if it is, so be it. If it’s not then, firm up and make the best of it.

I take a morning walk every day with my dogs. This my time to reflect and meditate. It sets the pace for the rest of my day. This is my happy place. I hope you find yours.