I haven’t really been sleeping all this time but, when I see how long it has been since I posted anything I wonder, “what have I been doing?” Let me see, I have been busy but, with what? Well, I have been doing things around the farm that need doing, I have been watching a lot of detective stories from Great Britain and Australia, I have been watching concerts from Nashville, Carnegie Hall, from Royal Caribbean Cruise lines, and taking lots of photographs.

I don’t have a theme, I just walk around and take images of things that catch my eye.

It could be absolutely anything, a leaf changing color, a weird shaped twig, or bones from an animal long since dead.

I hope you are finding ways to occupy your time while waiting to celebrate. I will try and not take so long in writing again. I always have ideas flying through my head but don’t take the time to sit down and put pen to paper.

I hope this finds you healthy and happy. I will drop again soon.