What is your favorite……

Do people ever ask you this? Can you answer them right away? Do you have to stop and think? Can you even answer? Do they mean just one thing?

As I think about it, it was easier to answer this question when I was young, very young. As I have gotten older and older and then, just old, I have realized that I love more and more things.

When I was a kid my favorite ice cream was chocolate, my favorite pie was lemon ice box, my favorite subject in school was science, my favorite elective was band and my favorite pastime was fishing with my Dad and walking in the woods.

As I got older these things changed. After high school I went to college. That was like stepping into another world altogether. I was introduced to so many new things I had never experienced before. I was living with new people, facing new problems and I had to figure it all out for myself. It was a new freedom that was great and scary all at the same time. My favorites began to change.

After college I married my high school sweetheart. He was in the Marine Corps and was stationed in Florida. I had never lived this far away from home before . We started our family. When I was pregnant the first time I found that my favorite food was a Whataburger with everything on it.

Then my husband was sent to Vietnam. I had our second child now and I moved back to my home town and rented a house. I had never been responsible for anyone but myself until now and I learned so many things. Again, my taste changed, I was around new people and what I did with my time changed.

I have lived in 5 states and traveled to 47 of the 50 states. I can’t begin to count how many people I have met and the things I have done. I have traveled to Europe and Japan. I always try to eat a food particular to that country or state. As a rule I usually liked whatever I ate.

When someone asked me what my favorite of all these things I usually say I can’t pick just one. All of these have made up my life and who I am. I love my life. A lot of the people I have met over the years have passed on to another realm but, I am meeting new ones all the time. No one ever replaces anyone else. I have a mug that has Carpe Diem on it, seize the day. Even with all the turmoil in the world today we have to seize the day and make the most of it. Whatever you do today and tomorrow, etc, do the best you can possibly do.

4 responses to “What is your favorite……”

  1. Well said Melanie! Life is surely a journey with many surprises along the way.

    1. Thanks for reading my thoughts.

  2. hallpal@aol.com Avatar

    Love you! Debbie

    1. Thank you,I love you too.

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