I have two big dogs, Obi Wan Kenobi (brown) and Charley (black and white).

Obi Wan is 8 years old, Charley is about 2 years old. For safety reasons I have to keep them in a fenced yard. Early in the morning, around sunrise I take the two of them out to the pond and fields for a run. Charley runs like the wind for awhile then, plunges into the pond and swims around a bit. He jumps out and take off running again. The closest Obi gets to the water is to get a drink. When there are frogs around the edge of the pond Charley jumps and stomps at them to make them jump into the water. It is a wonderful way to begin my day.

I have always loved being outside. This is one of my three ponds. I have an old lawn chair on the bank where I sit and watch the dogs and listen to the avian choir. That early in the morning the fish are jumping as well as the frogs. This is also when I talk with my maker. It is my church. I can clean all the cobwebs from my brain, wash the sorrows from my soul and lift up my prayers to God to give us the strength to get us through these hard times. This is the sunshine on my shoulders.

I truly hope you have a special place where you can go within your heart and soul and build your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Through our faith and love we will get through this.