What a wonderful year!

Birthday cruise with my family

In case you don’t know it, my birthday is New Years Day. I usually spend that day celebrating with my daughters. Sharon Anne, my first born, lives in Orlando, Fl. and Mary Beth, my second born, lives in Phoenix, AZ. This year we celebrated with a cruise to the Bahamas and what a celebration it was. I am there, I was taking the photo.

I know this is after the fact but, my site is changed and I am trying to figure out how to post this to facebook and my email followers. If you get this will you please put a comment so I will know it went out. Just say, “I got it.” I hope you will have access to all my writings.

4 responses to “What a wonderful year!”

  1. I sure did get it….keep them coming!

  2. sheilareeves reevesfirst.com Avatar
    sheilareeves reevesfirst.com

    I got it!

  3. I got it

  4. Hi Melanie, seeing it here on Duncan Ridge!

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