Waiting for the storm

So do you listen to the weather reports?  Do you take bets on how accurate they are, will it rain, will it storm, will there be strong winds or will it be a beautiful day?  I don’t know about you but it seems to me that the predictions were more accurate before they got all the new doppler radar and fancy equipment.  Many times when they say we will have rain we don’t get it.  I know they don’t mean in my area or on my farm they just mean somewhere.We have been needing some showers to water the gardens and wet the ground a little and add some fresh water to the ponds.

  I went out to the mailbox this afternoon as I do daily.  I turned around and was headed back to the house when it sounded like a lot of traffic coming  up the road.  I got to where my car was parked and stood there.  The sound got louder and louder.  All of a sudden I knew what the sound was, the wind began to blow, the leaves began to fly and the temperature dropped about ten degrees.  I stood my my car, closed my eyes for a minute, as dust, twigs, and leaves were hitting me and just stood there and felt the wind on me.  It was very exciting.  I looked overhead and saw that I was under  a giant oak tree that, if the wind hit it just right, could drop a big limb on top of me.

I decided to move.

I actually thought that maybe I should go inside but I had this feeling of rejuvenation welling up inside me. It hadn’t begun to lightning so I stayed a little longer. I had a little talk with God and reminded Him , not that He needs reminding, how much the ground needed some moisture, as well as the trees and other plants. I stood there awhile longer listening and watching the wind move everything around. Finally, I decided to go into the house. I wasn’t in there two minutes and the clouds opened up and dropped a down pour on us. I was very thankful.

3 responses to “Waiting for the storm”

  1. I love a storm like that! But is that the tree you were under? Scary!

  2. Yes, but it is about 40 feet tall. That was a dead limb that came down.

  3. hallpal@aol.com Avatar

    Oh wow that tree limb was a little too close for comfort. You be careful outside in a storm. I do love to watch and listen when a storm comes. Love you! Debbie

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