September!! What happened to June, July and August?


Do you remember when you were little and you never thought you were going to be a teenager and get our driver’s license?  Next we wanted to be 21.  What was supposed to happen at 21?  I don’t remember but, I wanted to be there.  My Mom used to tell me, “Don’t wish your life away.”  Boy, she sure was right.  Now that I am in my 70’s time is going by so quickly it seems that I can’t catch up.  When you are younger it seems like time crawls by like a snail and now it is on a jet plane.  Wonder why that is?   Do you think that insects and animals realizes the passage of time?  It wasn’t too long ago I made this photo of Gypsy in my shop and now she’s gone.  DSC_0344-1 copy _DSC0061 copy We have spring, with all the beautiful flowers and everything looking new and crisp.  DSC_0204 copyThen, in no time, it’s summer, schools out and the kids are celebrating, dancing and having fun.   The weather is hot and everyone wants to be in place that is air-conditioned or in a swimming pool.  _DSC0421 copy_edited-1Before long summer is over school begins again and then, in no time at all, it is fall and winter.  Another year has come and gone.

As you know, in May I was silent for quite a while.  I had toxic poisoning that put me in the hospital and really took me for a ride I hope I never go on again.  It threw a lot of my bodily systems out of order.  but, I am finally getting back on track.  I have only been driving for about a month.  This event got my full attention and I will be very careful about what I carry in my car with me in hot humid weather.   It reminded me that I need to be the best person I can possibly be.  You never know when people you have never known are responsible for keeping you alive.  I will leave you today with something that Benjamin Franklin said: Take time for all things.  Enjoy your week.  Melanie

One response to “September!! What happened to June, July and August?”

  1. I sure am glad you are better!!! Love you! Debbie

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