What is a friend?  What is the definition of a friend?  Well, one of my dictionaries says that a friend is a person that you know well and like.  That is true but, an old friend is that and so much more.  An old friend is sometimes a person and sometimes an animal.  I recently lost two very dear and close friends.  One was my big red dog, Sandi_DSC0006 copy                             and the other one was my 17 year old cat, Gypsy.DSC_0004_0778 copyandSandi was born and raised here on the farm.  She was 12 years old and had been my shadow,  my rock, my pride and joy, my funny girl and  friend all that time.   Gypsy was a grown cat and pregnant when she came here.  She got her name from the fact that whenever she had kittens and I would find them she would move them.  She was like a gypsy.  She had three litters and I had her spayed.  She was not very social with other cats on the farm so she got to live in my workshop after I got it.  She was a good cat and gave me a lot of joy.  She helped me with lots of projects.

You know animals seem to know when you have had a bad day and you are bothered or upset.  They don’t ask questions and try to find out what is wrong, they might just jump up in your lap and scoot their head under your hand and just lie there and purr.  Sandi would come and get just as close to me as she could, maybe put her head on my knee or, just lie by me on the floor.  Animals are intuitive and sensitive to those they love.  It’s like they read your mind.   You don’t have to say a word, they just know.

Gypsy is resting among the flowers that will bloom in the spring in the semi-circle in front of my house.  Sandi is resting by the back window of my workshop where she lay when I was working there.  They are my friends and I miss them so.  I will leave you with this thought:  My friend is one who takes me for what I am.  Henry David ThoreauDSC_0008 copy_edited-1