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I hope the 4th wasn’t too hard on you.  Mine was pretty quiet.  I did watch the fireworks at the White House and then the ones in New York,I am not celebrating until today.  One of my daughters and her husband came up from Florida.   We are going to a family get together at my nieces house.  We always have a great time and the best food.  Her husband, Jon, is smoking a turkey.  He is an expert smoker, my favorite being his smoked salmon.

I have been absent from the blog scene for a while.  At the end of May I went to Lowe’s to buy a piece of white (dry erase) board.  My truck was loaded so I went in my SUV.  I arced  the board over my back seat so I could close the back hatch.  When I got into the car to drive home the smell that hit my nose was nearly too strong to stand.  It took me about an hour to get home and by the time my head was splitting and I was nauseous. After about three days I found myself in the hospital in the critical care unit.  I was dehydrated, low white blood cells, low red platelets,  some pneumonia in my left lung and I was out of my head.  They had needles and tubes all over me.  They ran EEG’S, EKG’S,  all kinds of scans and pumped me full of strong antibiotics.  They never came to a conclusion about what happened to me.  I have a theory but, can’t say anything until the university completes their analysis of the board.  It affected my balance and my eyes don’t always focus very quickly so I can’t drive.  I have recovered from anything but the feeling of being about half drunk.  I have not worked in my wood shop since the end of May.  Your whole life can change in the blink of an eye.

I will leave you with this ponder: “Nothing should be prized more highly than the value of each day.—Goethe       Have a wonderful weekend.   Melanie