The Circle of Life

It is nearly 1:00am and I am so jazzed I can’t go to bed.  I just got home from seeing “The Lion King” in Nashville.  The stage scenery and costumes were amazing.  The way the actors made the parts of the animal puppets move just blew me away.  I have loved the story ever since I first heard it and have wanted to see it on stage for years.  It was the opening night and it is playing into June.   The members of the cast had beautiful voices.  If you like musicals go see it.  It is playing at TPAC, the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville.

_DSC0066 copyLiving on a farm makes it easy to see, hear and know the circle of life.  You can witness it everywhere but, on a farm things are always giving birth, new plants coming up and new life everywhere you look.  I have to remind myself that it is all a part of the circle when I see that one of my cats has caught a chip monk or my dog Rooti has caught a bird.    Everything is in the food chain from the tiniest one-celled amoeba that is eaten by something bigger all the way up to man.  We are at the top of that chain because, we eat nearly everything.  Nothing eats as much as we do.  They eat more in quantity but, not as much variety.

I was lucky enough to get to go to the Nashville Zoo with my camera club.  We knew the head photographer there and he took us on a tour different  winter2010 027 copyfrom the regular one.  Here are just a few of the images I took.

flamingoJust look at the color of this flamingo.  He is stunning.

_DSC0161 copyHave you ever seen a giraffe up close and personal?   Did you notice how precise the pattern of the spots are on them?   How about the zebras?_DSC0149 copy  Or for that matter, a white tiger.      _DSC0141 copyTalk about magnificent,  look at this elephant.     _DSC0182 copyThe Circle of Life is so huge.  It is overwhelming.  It is wonderful.   I hope you pay more attention to it as you journey through your life.   I will leave you this morning with something that William Shakespeare said:  One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.   We are all part of the web.  What we do to  any part of the web affects us.  We have to take care of it or we will cease to exist.  Have a wonderful day,  Melanie

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