Catch up.

Well, I think the last time I posted it was about the new kittens.  I guess there were too many people wanting to see the little things so, in the middle of the next night Momma moved them.  I have no idea where they are now.  Her Momma, Hissyfit, had babies a month and a half ago and I would have thought I would have at least seen them but, I haven’t.  I don’t even know how many she had.  This last weekend I spent in my shop making more items to replace the ones I sold at the festival in Crofton.   Here are what I made.    _DSC0004 copyThis is three letter openers, two seam rippers and one pen.  I made these Saturday.  There is four different kinds of wood in these items.  On Monday I made _DSC0006 copyone more seam ripper and four pens.  Tuesday I had to go to Nashville to get blood drawn and Wednesday I met my brother for lunch at Captain D’s.  He got a nice surprise there.   After lunch I went to work at the Saddle Factory.  I wish some of you would come by the shop and see what all we have there.  Right now we have a student art exhibit going that will culminate with a reception on Sunday afternoon.  It is a wonderful place to shop for yourself or to get a gift for someone.  Everything is hand crafted and very nice.  Yesterday, Thursday, I thought I was going to work there to fill in for one of the volunteers that was on a trip but, they got home and he came in to work.  I got to work in my shop and “turned” (no pun intended) out these two pens. _DSC0018 copyThey don’t all turn out like this.  I was making another pen called a “Saturn” that requires two pieces of wood and had nearly finished.  I was using cherry.  I was ready to begin sanding one piece and was nearly done turning the other when, all of a sudden, it split apart.  Both of the blanks were cut from the same piece of cherry and, even though I had more cherry it was different and I couldn’t use it.  I will have to start from scratch on that one.  Today I am working at the library in Lewisburg.  I always talking to the people who come in.  It is a good feeling when you are doing something to help others.  I hope you have had a chance to enjoy some of this glorious weather we have been having.  We fuss about it at times but, the Lord gives us what we need whether we can see it or not.  There is a kind of art that I have worked on all my life and I still don’t have it perfected.  That statement leads me to what I am going to leave you with today:  “The finest art, the most difficult to learn, is the art of living.”  John Macy.   Have a wonderful day.  Melanie

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