Surprise, surprise!

Let me introduce you to one of my cats.        _DSC0028 copyThis is Scaredy Cat.  She came to my house as a small kitten about a year ago after my neighbor passed away.  I inherited a gray and black tabby tom cat with 4 white feet, which I named Socks and a gray female with 3 kittens.  Socks is a terror and if I can catch him you know what I am going to do.  As Dolly Parton said in one of her movies “I’m gonna make that rooster into a hen with one shot”.  I named the female  Hissyfit because she was so skittish.   Two of her kittens disappeared and Scaredy  Cat was the only one left.  Hissyfit had more kittens about a month ago but, she has them someplace else.  I have not seen them.  Momma still eats here but, not the babies.  Yesterday morning when I went out to feed there was Scaredy Cat looking slim and trim.  I thought, “She’s had her babies”.  I put the food out but, Gunner was not there to eat.  _DSC0008 copy I heard some little squeaks and began looking trying to find where they were coming from.  I have a big blue barrel on my porch that I catch the water that drains from my air-conditioner in the summer.   It sounded like the sounds were coming from inside there.  I looked in and there sat Gunner with 4 new baby kittens.  I went back in to get my camera but, when I came back out he was not in the barrel.  Here are the babies._DSC0138 copy  Later I looked in there and both Scaredy and Gunner were in with the babies.  Gunner is not the Daddy but he is helping babysit.   I am late posting this because I was looking for a photo of Socks, which I know I have but can not find.  You will see him later.  As much as I don’t want anymore cats it makes me think of something that Aristotle said.  I leave you with this today:  In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.  Have a marvelous day, Melanie

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  1. Those are very pretty little kittens.

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