It’s raining.

When you were a kid do you remember the ditty “It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring.  He jumped out of bed and bumped his head and couldn’t get up in the morning”?  Isn’t it weird how things pop up into your thoughts.  Do you remember from my last blog I said what a gorgeous day it was and that I might have to take a break from my shop and go out with my camera?  I did that and here are some of the results.  First I sat in the front yard and watched my bird friends._DSC0015 copy _DSC0020 copy _DSC0039 copy _DSC0041 copy _DSC0043 copy _DSC0049 copy _DSC0055 copy _DSC0056 copy _DSC0058 copy _DSC0062 copy _DSC0064 copy _DSC0066 copy _DSC0067 copy_edited-1 _DSC0070 copy

Then I sat out by one of my ponds for awhile trying to capture some of the serenity of the setting.  I walked around my yard and photographed some of the remaining jonquils.  All in all I spent about two hours doing this and I can’t tell you what peace came over me.  No matter how scattered I may get I have always been able to gather myself when I am outdoors.

I don’t know how I put the photos all together like this.  I thought I was entering one but, the whole bunch jumped in.  I guess I need to spend more time learning about this set-up.  I won’t be outside today, I will be in the shop.  I got an order of new pen parts, new wood blanks and acrylics yesterday so, now I have to work.  I am getting ready for the Spring Festival at the Brushy Fork Creek Gallery owned and operated by Paul & Patricia Ferrell in Crofton, KY   This will be the Earth day weekend of the 20th & 21st.  Come join us for a fun time.  I will leave you with this thought today: Nature has given us the seeds of knowledge, but not knowledge itself.—Seneca    Love, laughter and sunshine,  Melanie

2 responses to “It’s raining.”

  1. they are all beautiful!

    1. Thank you, I am glad you like them.

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