Open gate.

When a gate or a door is left open things can come in and they can go out.  As I went out this morning to take my big red dog to her pen I glanced up and noticed something that didn’t look quite right.  I had not had my coffee yet so, it took a moment for this image to clarify and me to understand what I was seeing.   The garden is on the other side of the fence to Sandi’s pen.  On one outside corner of that garden fence is an ancient pear tree that gives me tons of delicious pears every year.  I have been trying for the last two years to get a cutting from that tree and grow a couple more.  Standing by that tree was one of my llamas, Spirit, munching on the new tender leaves.  I thought “How is he doing that?”  Then I thought,  “He’s in the garden!!!###**&&!!!  winter2010 047 copyThere are three gates that you can go through and get inside the garden area.  One of them opens into the llama lot and it was open.  Luckily he was the only one that had noticed or I would have had a huge mess.  Part of the garden has been planted and he thought that luscious, green , tender grass was just for him.  He liked the pear tree too.  I went in and closed the gate so none of the others would go in, since they had noticed him and were trying to figure how he got in there.  I went to the barn and put grain in all their stalls to get their attention off Spirit.  I went back through that gate and left it open, walked around behind him and he went right out.  If they had all been in there they would have scattered and tramped the garden to death.    As I went to leave I noticed that another gate that opens into the yard was open also.  I said a great big “Thank You”.  If he had seen that one my neighbor up the road would have been calling me to see if I had lost something.    I will have to have a talk with the guys that were here doing some work for me yesterday about making sure they close the gates behind themselves.

Now I have had a cup of coffee and am getting ready to get on with my day.  I will be in my shop again today.  I wish I had started making pens and pencils years ago.  I really enjoy it._DSC0006 copy_DSC0028 copy

_DSC0003 copyIt is a beautiful day and these guys are really going to enjoy it.  I am too.  I may have to take a break from working, get my camera and do some photography.  I hope you have something that you truly love that you can do today.  If you are doing something that you don’t particularly like to do then, just decide that you are going to like it and see if it gets easier to do.

I will leave you today with something that Cicero said, “A happy life consists in tranquility of the mind.”  Love, laughter and sunshine, Melanie

2 responses to “Open gate.”

  1. I love a story with a happy ending!

  2. Woodworking, Penmaking and Llamas, oh my!!! Fascinating! I may have to come out and see this.

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