With the weather behaving like a seesaw has your life seemed that way too?  Mine sure has but, the last couple of days have been warmer and sunnier and I have calmed down a _DSC0238 copybit.   I was soooooo ready for the sunshine.  I know a lot of you have had snow up to your ears (literally) and I hope you are finally getting a break.  It seems as though all the animals are very hungry.  My cats and dogs are wanting more food,  even the birds.  I am filling the feeders more but, they are singing more too.

My little business is moving forward.  Word of mouth is getting the news out about my pens,  pencils, seam rippers and letter openers.  I also have them at “Kentucky Artisans at the Saddle Factory” in Russellville, KY.  I have some new things.  This pen is made using an blue acrylic.  I prefer working with wood but, these are flashier.  A couple of days ago I decided to try some antler.  A friend had given me some and I wanted to see how it looked.  Here is a sample of antler in a letter opener._DSC0010 copy _DSC0226 copyI am trying a new format today and I may have to go back to my old format.  I can’t place my images on the side in this one.  When I post again I will probably have a different look.

I will leave you with this thought today:  Timing is as important as ability.  If your progress has hit a roadblock that you can’t get around,  it may not be your ability but, your timing that is off.  Back up, wait for the roadblock ahead to be completed, and try again.  Have a terrific day.  Love, laughter and sunshine.  Melanie


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