Woodgranny Creations

Woodgranny Creations

Some of my new creations from my workshop.

9 responses to “Woodgranny Creations”

  1. Those are beuatiful! Nice work.


  2. I like seeing them all together – you can compare the woods & styles. They are beautiful.

    1. Thanks Sweetie.  I have more that I will post later.  Love you lots.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Hugs and kisses to all.  Momma


    2. All of these have my new mark on them.  Thanks for the idea.  Momma


  3. Melanie, these are beautiful! You’re very talented.

  4. Melanie, are you selling these or are they just for pleasure? They are beautiful.

    1. I am selling.


  5. They are lovely. Seeing so many all together is impressive. I look forward to seeing ‘the mark.’

  6. Love all these. We’ll talk around gift time!

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