She’s back!

It’s Friday morning and it’s Good Friday.  When I was a kid growing up I knew that Good Friday_DSC0033 copy had to do with Jesus dying on the cross.  I could never figure how that made that particular Friday “good”.  Here was our friend, comforter, teacher, Messiah and Lord hanging on a cross with spikes driven into His hands, a side bleeding from being pierced by a spear and blood streaming down his face because the crown of thorns had punctured his skin.  I have seen a lot of interpretations of this scene over the years but, I have one in my mind and heart that still makes me ask that question, how is this Good Friday?  It may come from the fact that He died for our sins but, I think “good” is a bad choice of words to name that day.

The modern term Easter developed from the Old English word Eastre which referred to the name of the Anglo-Saxon goddess, Eastre and also, a form of the widely attested Indo-European dawn goddess.  I guess that is why we have sunrise services since He arose at dawn.  I can celebrate His arising but, not His dying.  I need to get off this subject.  I am too old for all this thinking.  It gives me a headache.  Time for another cup of coffee.

I will leave you today with a poem.  A good friend ask me to start writing again last night.  I hope she is reading today.


“Be still and know that I am God,”  That I who made and gave thee life will lead thy faltering steps aright:  That I who see each sparrow’s fall will hear and heed they earnest call.  I am God.

“Be still and know that I am God,”  When aching burdens crush thy heart, then know I form thee from thy part and purpose in the plan I hold.  Trust in God.

“Be still and know that I am God,”  Who made the atom’s tiny span and set it moving to My plan, that I who guide the stars above will guide and keep thee in My love.  Be thou still.  —-Doran

Have a wonderful weekend.  Melanie

3 responses to “She’s back!”

  1. Been missing you – glad you are back!

  2. yahoo! Don’t know who the friend is, but glad she convinced you to write.

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