Ya never know.

I don’t know about you but, I don’t always know what I am going to be doing any given day.  Oh, yes, the days I work at the Saddle Factory or the Books To Go Library I know where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing but, other days I don’t.  I wake up in the morning and see what the weather and temperature are then, I know how to dress when I go out to feed.  If it is cold and wet I know I won’t start putting stain or paint on any of the projects I am working on so, I work on something else.  I like being my own boss.

Take, for instance, yesterday afternoon.  I decided I was going to have a day of rest and be off my feet.  I have started watching Downton Abbey.  I didn’t start until recently so, there were big gaps in the story line.  I concluded I was going to watch the whole first series of the show from Netflix.  I can watch it on my TV through the Wii apparatus.  It was great.  Now I know what is going on and how everyone is connected. _DSC0192 copy

Did you love the snow yesterday morning?  It was enough to be pretty without being dangerous.    _DSC0204 copy_DSC0205 copy

Do you think it is time I fixed my cart?  It is if I want to carry anything in it, the bottom is gone.  I will leave you today with a quote by Thomas Kinkade:  “One you begin looking you may be surprised to discover just how much joy your world has to offer.  Have a wonderfully joyful week. If you are reading this thru Facebook and want to continue to read them in the future you need to copy the address and put it in your email contacts because I am leaving Facebook.  They will come to you by email.  Melanie

5 responses to “Ya never know.”

  1. I hope your snow has continued to be light and pretty! I am jealous you get to be your own boss. 🙂 If the snow isn’t light and pretty, you can stay home! I am just getting ready in the next week or so to look at all of the Downton Abbey first two seasons, a friend is lending them to me. We are definitely kindred spirits, I think! You have inspired me to start using my librfary more, although I do miss my independent bookstore, my pocketnook is happy I am shifting my habits.

    1. I had been sending you positive thoughts and energy as I didn’t know if you were covered in snow or not. Our snow has been very light and I am glad. Today it is clear and sunny and 20 degrees. I have been working on a kennel for my Great-nieces’ little dog. It has been driving me crazy. The solid pieces of wood I used for the frame is ash. It is the hardest wood. I have to drill holes before I can put screws in it. I have broken 4 drill bits. I put, what I hope, is the final coat of finish on it last night and she can come and get it today. I am ready to be done with it. Have you seen my pens? I have started making them to sell and I really love making them. They are fun. So far I have made ballpoint twist pens, click pens, gel pens, pencils, key holders and letter openers. If you haven’t seen them I will send you a photograph. Is your partner working on a project now? My next one is a cedar chest for us. I am going to get more pens made before I start that though. How are your cards coming? Patricia went to Arizona and learned to make thunder and ocean gourds. They are really great. I’ll send photos of those too. She is also making finch feeders out of gourds. She is very creative and talented. I need to get myself in gear and get my day started. Spring will be here soon. My daffodils and crocus are blooming even in this cold weather. They came up when we were having 60 degree weather. They got mixed up as to what time it was. Just remember one of these days you will get to retire and be your own boss. Keep yourself in good shape so you can enjoy it. Love and light, Melanie


  2. Thanks for the warm thoughts. We have LOTS of snow. We got about 2 feet last weekend, then it rained and we had a lot of melting. But now we are in the midst of another blizzard. I don’t think it will be as much snow, but it certainly is as windy. And we will have to do lots of shoveling when it is done. Sigh. But that keeps us in shape, right?

    A is working on bookcases for our loft. Our plan is to have the whole back knee wall be bookcases – eventually built in, but for now, free standing. She is designing them so when we build them into the wall we can use the same boxes. I helped her cut up the sheets of furniture grade plywood today. She is alternating between this project and re-doing her big storage closet up in her office. She has torn down the walls and insulation, run a conduit for cables and the like and put most of the insulation back. She has shiplap white cedar she will use to finish it. She is going to build cupboards into the knee wall (practice for the bookcases!) and then cabinets and counter along the back wall for projects. So she is busy playing with all of her power tools. for Christmas, she got some kind of dovetail router jig from my mom, so she is looking forward to making something with real drawers for the closet.

    Meanwhile, while I sit and knit like a fiend (working to finish a sweater this week) I am thinking about the design for our headboard with secret sliding shelves on the side. If I can make it work, I will send you photos of it! So far, all I have built is that big planter, but it is fun.

    I’d love to see your photos – they sound wonderful. and I am glad you are done with the kennel! Sometimes projects just aren’t as fun as they should be.

    1. Here are photos of the kennel, my helper cat, Gunner, and some of my pens. We are going to photograph some of Pats gourds tomorrow. I have a friend that is from Conn. that came here and taught but, has now retired back to Conn. She was literally covered up in snow. It has been a long time since we had a big snow. That’s fine with me, although we have a good stock pile of food and things that could carry us for a good while. I will be looking forward to seeing your photos. Sounds like A has her hands full. It is good to have things to do as it keeps me out of trouble. Melanie


  3. photos don’t show…

    yes, CT has lots of snow – my Dad still lives there, and he hasn’t had this much snow in years. But he is pretty well dug out and in good shape at this point, I think.
    We also have plenty of supplies inteh house – just how we get ready for winter around here! A does have lots of projects going right now, and you are right, it keeps her out of trouble. 🙂 She is upatairs right now playing with the cats – part of the evening routine!

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