Have you ever gone outside when it was so cold that when your eyes watered and the tears tried to roll down your cheek but froze before they traveled an inch?  I did this morning when I went out to feed. If you don’t have to go outside just stay in with your hot cup of coffee, cocoa or tea.  It made me remember years ago when my daughters were young and I had two milk cows.  The milk would freeze on the side of the stainless steel bucket._DSC0033 copyI didn’t make New Years resolutions or promises but I did begin a new business.  I have started making pens, pencils, letter openers and other things.  We had an artisan at the Saddle Factory who made beautiful pens.  He pulled them out of the gift shop and, since that was one of the few things that could be bought as a gift for a man, I decided to make them.  If you want to see them they are on display in the gift shop at the Saddle Factory in Russellville, KY._DSC0156 copy

Can you believe how quickly time is passing?  When I was a kid a year seemed like such a long time.  Now that I have lived 73 of those years it seems like such a short time.  As I look back and reflect I truly hope I have not wasted a minute of it. When people see you are sitting, seemingly not doing anything, they don’t realize that you are thinking and planning your next move.  There are times when you get so much in your head you just have to slow down, sit quietly, go within and listen to that small voice from inside.  For me it is my “divine guidance”.

Put on lots of layers today if you have to be outside.  I don’t pay attention to fashion, I go for comfort and I don’t like to be cold.  I will leave you today with this thought.  I don’t know who said it but, I like it: “Deep, abiding joy is available to anyone who learns the secret of pursuing every task with energy and dedication, as though it were a calling”.  Stay warm, Melanie

2 responses to “BBRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!”

  1. It is SO SO COLD!!! I ate fish Wed to pretend I was with you all. This Wed. Jon and I are driving to AL to work on Thurs. and return home on Fri. Love you, Debbie

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    1. Stay safe. Maybe it will be warmer by the time you get home. Love you too.


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