Do you hear what I hear?

Gee Whiz!  It’s Christmas Eve.  Do you remember when you were little and it was Christmas Eve?  There was a warmth, a joy and happiness in the air that is not there anymore.  The excitement and anticipation have gone from Christmas.  A lot of the time people just think of the gifts they will get and the ones they have yet to buy.  They get stressed about how much money it will cost and will they be able to get it all.  We forget about the real meaning of Christmas  winter2010 047 copyI think the animals still feel something on Christmas Eve night.  Do you remember the story about the animals talking at midnight on Christmas Eve.  I know with my animals it is like they are looking and waiting for something.  There is something that changes and, even though we have lost the ability to feel it, they still can.  winter2010 050 copyI think that if our lives could slow down and give us the chance to get back in touch with ourselves from the inside instead of from the outside our lives would change and we would absolutely glow.

When I was little I had a recording that was on a 78rpm record of a story titled ” The Littlest Angel” .  It was read by a well known actress of that time named Loretta Young.  I loved that story so much I literally wore the recording out.  Many years later I found the book and bought it.  I have three favorite Christmas stories, the first being the one from the Bible.  The next one is the one I was just telling you about written by Charles Tazewell.  My other favorite is “The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey” by Susan Wojciechowski.  I hope you have a chance to read these stories sometime.

I will leave you today with an excerpt from “The Littlest Angel”:  And the voice of God spoke, saying: Of all the gifts of all the angels, I find that this small box pleases me most.  Its contents are of the earth and of men, and my Son is born to be king of both.  These are the things my Son, too, will know and love and cherish and then, regretfully, will leave behind him when his task is done.  I accept this gift in the name of the child, Jesus, born of Mary this night in Bethlehem.   MERRY CHRISTMAS.   Melanie

5 responses to “Do you hear what I hear?”

  1. I love the books you have mentioned. I am sure getting to see Christmas again in the eyes of little ones. It is WONDERFUL!!!

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  2. I love the littlest angel! My grnadmother had it – not sure where it is now, but I will ask Mom about it.

    1. you have been very quiet lately – is everything OK?

      1. My Brother was in CCU for three days and that kinda interfered with my schedule. I am working on a new project that is taking up my time. I am making an indoor kennel for my great niece. I will get back before long. Hope everything is fantastic with you.

  3. Oh, I hope things are better with your brother.

    As for busy, I understand. I am looking forward to hearing how things are going, and seeing photos of the kennel.

    Things are fine with us, also busy. more soon –

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