Who’s there?

There I was all warm in my bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head when all of a sudden I was awakened by a moaning that sounded like my big red dog, Sandi.   sandy_edited-1She is my dog that went blind a couple of years ago.  When she has to go outside she goes in the front hallway close to the door and grunts and moans until I take her out.  I thought the sound I heard was her so, I rolled out of my warm snuggle place and started to the bathroom.  Sandi was sound asleep on the carpet in the living room.  It wasn’t daylight yet so, I go back to my cocoon and go back to sleep.  About an hour later I hear a “thud” and, what sounds like a voice a voice.  I thought, ‘someone is at the door.”  It was pouring rain so, I get up again and go to the bathroom to get my robe.  I went back to the front door, opened the blind but, no one was there.

Did I go back to bed?  No.  I decided someone or something wanted me up so I went into the kitchen and made a pot of coffee.  _DSC0033 copyI decided that I would be observant and alert and see if whomever is trying to get my attention gets it.  They already have it, they just have to get in touch with me when I am awake so I can understand what they want.

I will leave you today with the Irish Blessing:  May the toad rise up to meet you,  may the wind always be at your back,  may the sun shine warm upon your face and may the rain fall softly upon your fields.  Stay dry and safe.  Melanie

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