Whatever was going on with my computer yesterday is not happening today.  Not only were some icons missing but, I had put a photo in that just didn’t show up.  Here it is, Pink Lady_DSC0043 copyNow, back to my title.  I know it is not officially winter yet but, with the weather we are having it doesn’t even feel like Christmas.  I can not believe it is next week.  When I think of Christmas I think “snow”.  Kind of like this.winter2010 093 copyThis was taken in 2010 and it was really deep.  For the last few days the temperatures have been so warm that I don’t smell wood fire smoke that I love to smell.  I used to burn wood and loved the way the house, inside and out, smelled.  I finally gave in and went to propane because I guess it is better for my old body.  winter2010 027 copyAll my animals love the snow, everyone except my old cat.  She is 17 yrs old and I think it makes her bones hurt.  I know it is hard on her feet.  This is the Husky, Rooti and he loves to run a  play in it, the deeper the better.  He is a great dog.




winter2010 copy

This is Honey Bear.  She had been hit by a car and someone brought her to the vet clinic.  They didn’t want her but, were kind enough as to not leave her on the road.  After some surgeries I brought her home with me.  They didn’t think she would ever use her right back leg but, Rooti nursed her and massaged her leg and she walks on it fine now.  Sometimes it pops when she walks but, you wouldn’t know there was anything wrong with it.

dog outing in snowIf you don’t know already I have three dogs.  This photo was made about two years ago before Sandi, the one in the middle, went blind.  Rooti and Sandi were the best of pals before she went blind and not he doesn’t want to be around her.  I have to keep them separated.  Some people don’t like to be around other people who are handicapped.  They have a blindness that won’t let them see past the differences.

So I leave you today with a quote that I found but, don’t know who said it.  I like it:  If it is to be, it’s up to me.  Enjoy your journey,  Melanie

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