I had an idea to write about this morning and sat down at my computer but, something had changed the toolbar at the top of the page.  The icon that I normally click on to write and add photos was missing.  I went to bookmarks, my history and everything I could think of but, could not get to my dashboard.  I remembered I had gotten a comment from someone yesterday and it was still in my e-mail.  I went there and, after about 5 clicks, got to my dashboard.  Here we go._DSC0042 copy  A few days ago I showed you a photograph of one of my white Christmas cacti and told you I had a dark pink.  Here is the pink or, you might call it red,   They remind me of angels and they also remind me of humming birds.  The position of the pink one with its stigma protruding looks like a hummer.
They are an amazing flower as they may be a different shade of this years color next year.  The worst part is that they don’t last long.  They are fragile and begin to wilt and die after a few days.

I am always talking about how I use photographs to keep memories alive.  You need to take lots of pictures to keep them current.  I don’t always do such a good job.  I learned last night that my brother-in-law, Doug Henderson, had passed away Sunday in Ohio.  The only pictures I have of him are from the 60’s and maybe the 70’s.  I had not seen him in a very long time.  I have no idea what he looked like now.  He was probably still tall, 6’4″, like he used to be.  He used to wear western boots and ride a Kawasaki motorcycle.  He was always laughing and cutting up and playing jokes on people.  The memories I have of him will stay the same.  I was told he died of cancer and I know how that changes a person, not only their looks but, their personality.  In a way I am glad I won’t have that memory of him.  So in memory of Doug this morning I leave you with this quote:  It’s been said that people don’t grow old–they just stop moving!  Have a beautiful sunshiny day.  Melanie

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