You know, when you live in a small town there aren’t too many places to go and do something.  There is a restaurant in my hometown that is owned and operated by four sisters.  It hasn’t been here a really long time but, long enough for us to get comfortable with._DSC0075 copy  It is not only a place where you can go and get good hometown cooking but, you will usually see friends.  It was nice to sit there over a cup of coffee and whatever you were eating at the time and get caught up on what was happening with them and their families.

A few years ago on Monday morning, you could go in, get breakfast and listen to a local group playing music.  Later, they changed it to one night during the week.  Recently a local man with the right equipment, started having Karaoke on Saturday nights.  It was just a nice, fun place to go for a nice time.  My brother, nephew and his wife, came by there this past Saturday night after attending my great nephews college graduation.  We saw several friends, listened to the singers  and ate some of Lisa’s’ fantastic catfish.  _DSC0076 copyThere was a post on FB last night that saddened my heart.  It said that this beloved locally owned business is closing.  I can understand but I wish it wasn’t so.  Restaurant work is really physically hard on a person.  I know they are going to feel a great feeling of relief and freedom and I am happy for them.  Now there is a piece of the patchwork quilt that makes up my town that will be missing.  I wasn’t what you would call a “regular” but, I did enjoy going there.  We all knew each other.  I will miss going there very much.  Thank you for your friendship and service.   I wish for the sisters happiness and joy.  As Marcus Aurelius said:  Very little is needed to make a happy life.  It is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.  Thank you Webb Girls.  Melanie

One response to “Goodbye”

  1. This is sad news. I love Webb’s!

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