Well, if you turn those digits around you have 21 and that is what the temperature is this morning.  I think it is supposed to get to 49 today.  If I go somewhere and have my purse I always have my point and shoot camera with me but, I didn’t take one out to the barn to feed this morning and I missed a shot.  It will have to live in my mind as long as I have one.   _DSC0028 copyGunner, my kitty that goes everywhere with me went to the barn.  The feed box in Valentinos stall is low.   I put some grain into it and Val went over to eat and Gunner was standing on his hind legs like he was going to eat too.  There they stood together. That’s one I wish I had captured.

After I fed I went to break the ice in the trough and noticed some spectacular things about the water.  I went back into the house and got my camera and this is what I saw.  _DSC0023 copy





I don’t know why the water froze this way but, I’m glad it did so I could capture that moment in time.  Here is another one._DSC0026 copy  That oak leaf is truly frozen in time.  I guess that is what a photograph is actually, a moment or object frozen in time._DSC0027 copyThese ripples looked like a cluster of grapes.  Nature is just the most fascinating thing to me.  It is truly a source of wonderment.

After I made the photos of the water I broke the ice for the llamas and went back to the garden that I had passed on the way to the barn.  I have winter plants still bearing food for consumption there.  Here is “Frosty Kale Man”.   _DSC0039 copy




Then there is “Frosty Broccoli”_DSC0040 copy

We can’t leave out the Cabbage Patch dolls._DSC0041 copy

I hope you enjoyed going to feed with me this morning.  Whatever you are doing today I hope you take the time to look around you and see the wonder there are to behold.

Are you familiar with Thomas Kinkade prints and how he focuses on how light plays on things?  The sun was doing that on the frost this morning so I will leave you with a quote from Thomas today:  ” We all yearn for a life that focuses on what is truly important and what is truly beautiful. ”

Know that you are truly important and beautiful to me.  Melanie