Bazaar, bazaar.

Well, on Saturday the 8th we had our Christmas bazaar and what a bazaar it was. _DSC0006 copyWe had all kinds of handcrafted items, hand painted ornaments, jewelry, handbags, baby items _DSC0008 copycandles, painted rubber boots, food items, wreaths, knitted and crocheted items _DSC0013 copyand lots of things.  We had a nice day.  The weather was warm and even though it was raining off and on it didn’t put a damper on the festive mood.  Her Mommy bought her this for her hair._DSC0021 copyWe had a very good crowd and almost all the vendors were pleased with their earnings.  The library had a silent auction to raise money.  We had baskets that were made and donated by businesses and organizations for us.  _DSC0019 copyWe are pleased with what they brought in.  There were other events that went on last weekend to kick off our Christmas season.  It also dropped over 30 degrees in temperature between Sunday night and this morning to make it feel more like Christmas.  It is good when a community comes together and celebrates.  I leave you with this thought today, “The greatest of all human needs is to feel connected.” by Daryl Kollman.  Melanie


One response to “Bazaar, bazaar.”

  1. Looks like a lot of people, stalls and fun.

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