Your joy

What is joy?  The dictionary says:  1).great pleasure and happiness. 2)something that brings joy. 3). success or satisfaction.  What gives you joy?  Think about what makes you happy.  Does it seem to come from things or people?  Do you find it outside yourself or from inside yourself?  DSC_0288 copyThese beauties appear to be very happy.  In this case appearances are not deceiving.  Whenever we are together we enjoy every single minute because we don’t get to be together a lot.  Just sharing a space with them is pure enjoyment.  We don’t have to go anywhere or do anything, we can just sit and talk or “hang-out”.  That’s enough.

Hawaii 2009 011 copyCan you tell by looking at this photo that I had just done something that I could have been very upset and angry about?  I was walking barefoot on the beach and stepped in dog poop.  Instead of being mad it became something extremely hilarious.  The more I cleaned the girls began making comments and we laughed so hard we nearly wet ourselves.

Hawaii 2009 287 copyThis was at an open market in Chinatown in Honolulu.  It could have been the thrill of buying fresh produce but the air was full of happiness and laughter.  The lady in the left-hand corner was having a great time.

DSC_0140 copy2Have you ever seen this guy?  He is not only a really good musician but it seems to make him really happy.  While he is picking his banjo he twirls it in the air but, never misses a note or a beat.  This joy is coming from his “inside” self.

For myself my joy comes both from within myself and outside myself.  I love nature and being outside listening to the birds and seeing the beauty gives me joy.  Listening to music, reading a book, seeing someone smile, and hearing laughter all gives me much joy.  I have also found that if I can find that joy that comes from within when I first get up of a morning, that makes everything more joyous the rest of the day.

Have you seen the new movie “Lincoln”?  I haven’t but, I am going to this weekend.  I am leaving you with a quote from him this morning:  “People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  Abraham Lincoln.  Let’s be happy!  Melanie

2 responses to “Your joy”

  1. Melanie – my most favorite ever quote! For such a melancholy person, he got it right. I hope you enjoy the movie, I can’t wait to see it. Have you read Team of Rivals? Doris Kearns Goodwin, amazingly well researched and written,reads like a novel, except that you know the end. In fact, I put it aside for a long time, didn’t read the last hundred pages because I didn’t want that wonderful man to die. Anyway – Joy is a wonderful thing, and we do get to choose our attitude. Glad you ahve such fun with your girls.

  2. That was great!! You make me happy too!!! Love you, Debbie

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