Cave Sing

Before I get started on my new post I want to show you the photo of Spot that didn’t show up in my last post.  He is such a character and deserves his place on the internet. DSC_0001 copy_edited-1 If you remember from last week there was a cat on the back porch with food and Spot wanted some.

Now, on to this week.  Have you ever been to the Cave Sing at Mammoth Cave?  I never had but, you better believe I will go again.  Some friends invited me to go yesterday and it made for a very satisfying day.  I would not venture to guess as to how many people attended but, there were lots.

It started with a storyteller in the welcome center.  He is a park ranger but, he is an excellent storyteller.  He told one that took me back to when my children were little and we would go out on the farm in search of just “the” tree for us to decorate.  It was always a cedar and his story was about taking a tree that a lot of people think of as a nuisance and insignificant and making it significant.  He told stories for about 30 minutes and then we headed down into the cave.

I said I didn’t know how many people were there but, if you have been to the cave you know how long the path is down to where you enter the cave.  The ranger that was leading us in stopped at the bottom to wait for everyone to catch up.  I was not at the front of the line but just before we started moving I turned and looked and there were people packed all the was to the top of the hill.  That is a lot of people.

DSC_0031 copy

We came to a large room, I think they called it the rotunda, and there was a brass sextet playing Christmas music.  They were from Glasgow and really good.  Then we went deeper into the cave to a large room where they use to hold church services.  That is where the Caveman Acappella Chorus was.  This photo is from a concert of theirs at WKU that I attended.  Yesterday they were all in sweaters of Christmas colors.  I thought they were wonderful at Western in Van Meter Hall but, it can’t compare to the sound in the cave.  It was extraordinary.  There was another group of three guys and three girls that sang.  They were very good too.

DSC_0015 copy

We climbed out of the cave and it had begun to rain.  It didn’t seem to dampen the enthusiasm of the crowd though.  When we got back to the welcome center they had hot cider, hot cocoa and cookies for everyone.  All of this was absolutely FREE.  These people, performers and park workers,  went to all the trouble to provide the public with a wonderful day of celebration to begin the Christmas season.  I saw a number of friends there.  A man I worked for in Simpson County is in the chorus.  I will definitely go back again next year.

We headed back to Bowling Green and dinner at Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant.  I love their fish tacos.  Even with the rain it couldn’t have been a better day.  I will leave you today with a quote that I don’t know who said it:  “You may outgrow almost everything else in our life, but never your childhood.”  Melanie

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