Taking for granted.

What is it they say, “There’s only two things that are for certain, death and taxes.”  I have lived a few years now and I thought I had reached a time when I didn’t take things for granted.  I guess I am not completely there because during the four days the water was turned off I would still go in the bathroom and reach for the faucet.  I’m gonna say that it is just from habit.  I think that death is for certainty but, I’m not sure about taxes.

There is another saying about when you are searching for something you don’t have to look farther than your own back yard.  Well, guess what!  After digging up the front and side yard the water leak was “right in my own back yard.”   It was where the water line came into the house.  My guys struggled really hard and finally got it fixed.  They even got all the trenches covered back over and now when I reach for the faucet I get water out of it.  It is a convenience I wouldn’t want to have to be without.

Our cold weather is back upon us.  Yesterday the wind was so cold I had many layers on when I went outside.  I don’t know what happened to my hot self in my younger years because in my senior years I get cold a lot quicker.    I used to have horses and I rode quite a bit.  I was always running around doing something.  So maybe I need to revert back and kick up my heels more  and get my blood flowing faster.  That should make me warmer.  Sometimes when we get older we stop doing things and become more sedentary.

I hope you have a good weekend.  I don’t know who said this but, I have it in print:  “When you ignite energy in others, you cannot help but elevate your own.”  I’m going to do my jumping jacks now.  Melanie

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