Shoppin frenzy

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to go to Alaska.  It was a cruise and it was an amazing trip.  I had imagined what Alaska would be like and, it was that and more.  I will talk more about that trip another time.  The reason I bring it up is that while on that cruise I got to witness a feeding frenzy with a pod of humpback whales.  It took my breath away.  I couldn’t click my shutter fast enough.  I took several images of this amazing event.     At least this is an organized thing.  They have a routine they do before they come up with their mouths open full of krill.  Not so with Black Friday.

This is Black Friday.  Just the sound of the name makes me think of gloom and doom.  The only store I would go to today is the grocery.  I will not even go to Wally World.  People wait all year for this day and it makes me just want to hide.  I am sorry but, the retailers won’t make any money off of me today.

I went to the movie yesterday and saw the best movie I have seen all year.  The title is “The Life of Pi.”  No, I didn’t misspell it, it’s Pi.  It is not only a fantastic story of faith but, the photography and filming is pure genius.  It is filmed in regular cinematography and 3D.  I didn’t see the 3D version and I am glad I didn’t.  I like 3D movies, like Avatar, but, I think I would drown if I saw this one in 3D.  If you happen to go see it I would love to know what you think.

Again, today, I rely upon the wisdom of Henry David Thoreau who said, “It is only by forgetting yourself that you draw near to God.”  Enjoy today.  Melanie

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  1. I feel the same way about Black Friday! Most people have too much stuff!

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