Water break.

When you saw my title what thought came to your mind?  Did you think I was hot and thirsty and needed to have a water break?  Maybe you thought I was feeling land locked and needed a trip to some water, whether it be a lake or the ocean.  I wish this was the case.  I would choose any or all three of the above.  No, this water break means there is a break in my waterline somewhere and I have a leak.  I got a guy out here yesterday and he dug all afternoon.  We have not found the line from the house to the meter yet.  I wasn’t living here when we got city water so, I don’t know who put it in or where it is. First we dug along the side of the house thinking we would come across the line.  He dug a little over 2 feet down but, no line.  Next we dug at another place close to the house where the ground was really wet with the same luck.    A few years ago there was a leak by the meter on the house side.  We decided to start from the meter and dig up so, if you look in the photo from the bush down toward the road you will  see a small pile of dirt.  That pile is by the meter and is our starting point today.  The worst part about it is that we had to turn off the water.  We got a bunch of 5 gal. buckets, large pots and other containers filled to have dish, cooking, and drinking water.  The shower will have to wait until  the water is turned back on.

Years ago I lived in the mountains of New Mexico and had no running water or electricity.  I still have a 5 gal. bag with a hose and shower head that I used for a shower.  I heated it in the sun on the mountainside then brought a child’s swimming pool in, hung the shower over a viga in the ceiling, sat in the pool and take a shower.  I had a cattle water trough to catch water from the roof.  Never a problem in winter, plenty of snow to melt.

Even though I know how to manage without running water in my present years it is much easier turning on the tap.  I have had lots of experiences in my lifetime that have taught me many things.  I may have said this before but, when the day comes that I am not learning something you will be putting me into the ground.  This reminds me of something that Henry Adams said:  They know enough who know how to learn.  Good day to ya.  Melanie

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