Getting ready.

What did you do this weekend?  I spent my weekend getting things ready so people can shop and buy gifts for Christmas.  The Books To Go Library in Lewisburg is going to have a Christmas bazaar in the Old City Hall on Thacker Street Saturday, December 8th from 10:00AM to 5:00PM.  We have a good number of vendors with a wide variety of items that will be there.  We are having a silent auction on baskets filled with a lot of different things for different occasions.  The proceeds from the auction goes to the library.  This weekend I wrote the letters,made mailing labels and got the letters ready for mailing to the businesses that are making the baskets.  I made and printed handbills for spreading around to let people know what we’re doing.

In Russellville the business had a Christmas open house so some of the artisans opened the Saddle Factory to show the handcrafted items we have for sale.  I couldn’t believe that we have been opened for two years and there are still people in town that don’t know what is in the store and have never been in.  If you haven’t been to the Kentucky Artisans At The Saddle Factory at 321 E. 4th Street in Russellville you need to come check it out.

Friday the man who reads my water meter was nice enough to stop and tell me I had used more water than usual so, today, guess what!  I think I have found where it is leaking and I have a couple of guys coming that can dig and see if I’m right.

Put December 8th on your calendar and come to the Old City Hall in Lewisburg and visit our Bazaar.  That is the same day as the Christmas Parade so, you will already be in town and ready for the other festivities of the day.

I will leave you today with a quote from Henry David Thoreau:  Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.  Enjoy, Melanie


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