Well, it finally got cold enough for long enough that I lit my gas heater.  I was just getting to the place where my body was adjusting to the chilly mornings and then, I went to a place with much warmer weather for a few days.  When I left Florida Monday it was 75 degrees and when I got home that night it was 28.    The frost the next morning looked like a light snow.  I could not find my comfort zone with my little electric heaters so, I knew it was time.  It takes two people to light my stove because, the valve you need to press down is in the back of the heater and the place where you light it is in the middle of the front.  My old bones are happier now.

Did you hear on the news this morning about the children that are “allergic” to the cold?  What is going on?  We are having so many problems nowadays that we didn’t use to have.  Yesterday I made the statement that I didn’t know everything.  I have always been an inquisitive person and asked a lot of questions.  I get worse as I get older.  This seems to be the “more” times.  More people have respiratory problems, allergies, heart ailments and just all kinds of things ‘wrong’ with us.  WHY?  I have my theories and I am constantly investigating and trying to either prove myself right or prove myself wrong.  If you have a theory or an idea about the problem I would love to hear it.  We don’t have to agree but, it would be nice to share.  You know that old saying, “two heads are better than one”.   Wonder what MANY heads could come up with?    Have you ever have been to the horse park in Lexington and seen these life-size figures on the track?  I am showing you this to say that there are many ways of looking at the same thing.

I am at the library today.  If you are in the neighborhood come by and see me.  I would love to visit with you.  Have a wonderful day today and remember:  To move the world, we must first move ourselves. — Socrates.  Melanie

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