Forever changing.

Have you ever noticed how things are continually changing?  If you are like me, growing up in a small place, leaving it and then, coming back, you think it is always the same.  If you take the time to look around a little you will find that isn’t true.  The same people are not always there.  Maybe some of them have moved away or gone to a better home.  New people have moved in or, maybe babies have been born.  Some people may have built a new home or made improvements to the one they already have.  Business that used to be a hangout and were thriving are now closed and the building stands empty.  Some buildings have been made into something else as in the case of our library.  In the beginning it was a doctor’s office and now it is our lovely library.

We are changing too.  When we are young and thought we are invincible we might look at the older generation and think, “I won’t ever be like that.”  We thought of them as being ‘old fashion’ and set in their ways, even stubborn.  We saw how slow they were and how, at times, they seemed to just sit and stare or even fall asleep.  Well I’m getting there and now I know why that older generation was being the way they were.  I don’t think I know everything but, I know more than I used to so I don’t have to run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to do something.  I am stubborn and set in my ways and I know it.  As for falling asleep it is called ‘power napping’.   At least I don’t have rigor mortis yet so I can be flexibl, mostly in my thinking.

This all began this morning when someone showed me a fern.  It had been green and beautifully arranged with some flowers.  I had never noticed before how they begin to change when they are dying.  If you look closely there is one leaf that is still mostly green.  The others are changing in the central vein and moving outward.  I began to wonder if it is the same with us.  Do we begin to make our changes from the inside and then it begins to show on the outside?  We start out small and grow to a certain size.  When we reach our ultimate physical size that part of our growing stops.  I believe our outside begins to gradually get smaller.  I am not as tall as I was years ago.  I also believe that our inner self begins to grow when we are born and continues to grow until we die.  Our soul and spirit outgrow our physical body by a long shot.  We get more colorful as we get older just like this fern.  What I’m trying to say is don’t dwell upon how much slower you walk, how many more pains you have or how wrinkled your face is, know that you are more intelligent, beautiful and greater than you have ever been.

This just proves that you have to be careful what I see in the morning because, it will stir my mind and part of it may spill out onto you.  Remember:  The greatest use of a life is to spend it for something that will outlast it. – William James.     Melanie

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