We had a really beautiful day yesterday for our celebration at the library.  It was our 5th year of hard work and raising money so we can serve our community but, we did it.  Can you see the books on the table?  Those are actually our cakes.  Some of the books were white cake and some were chocolate.  I had never seen cakes like them before.  We had a pretty good turn out for a Sunday afternoon.  We had some young attendees and we also had some young at heart attendees and a wide-spread in between.We had two hours of eating, talking, laughing and remembering back to the time when it all began.  A good time was had by all.  Now we can begin making the 6th year even better than the last five.   I really want to thank all the people who came and, if you couldn’t make it, I hope you can come by the library and see us.

Today can be a day to remember.  You can make it so.  Today is yours to do with as you see fit.  You can use it, delight in it, accomplish as much as your capabilities permit, and enjoy today to the fullest.

Use a portion of today’s 24 hours in a helpful way.  Spend a part of tody’s 1440 minutes in a meaningful meditation.  Share some of today’s 86,400 seconds in service to others.

Today will soon disappear.  Make the most of it, for once it passes, its opportunities will never return again. – Virginia J. Ruehlmann.  Melanie