Little thief.

I have 7 cats.  No, I don’t go out looking for them, they find me.  I put food on the front porch for those that have their meals there and some on the back porch for the shy one that stays in the back.  I kept filling the dishes on the front porch several times a day knowing something besides the cats was eating.  A while ago a security camera showed me a dog eating but, that dog moved.  The food was still disappearing.  It was after dark and I was going out the door to take my dog out.  There was a big, fat possum eating the cat food.I rushed back into the house, grabbed my camera and caught it hiding under a bench behind a gas can and a flower-pot.  I have now started bringing the food in at night.

This is one of the babies that the possum is stealing from.  This is Gunner, the best helper I have on the farm.  He helps me do everything, whether I need it or not.

I have a rose-bush out by my shop that I call Olivia’s Hope.  It was given to me from one of my students when I retired.  Even in all this wind and cold weather she is blooming,  I will need to cover her tonight, as we are to get a hard freeze.
Even though it is going to be chilly it looks like it is going to be a beautiful sunny day.  I work at the Saddle Factory this afternoon so,  if you are in Russellville stop by and see me at the shop.  We have lots of hand-made gift items or pickup something for yourself.

My thoughts are still with all the folks up the east coast.  I watch the news footage of all the devastation and then, there are the rescue shots of the babies.  I leave you with this thought: The world will never starve for want of wonders. Gilbert Keith Chesterton.  Melanie.

2 responses to “Little thief.”

  1. OH I love the looks of Gunner. It looks like the first cat Jon and I ever had. …………….. Sent from my iPad…….

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