Calm after the storm.

This photo is not even during a storm but, it is the closest thing I have.  All of the news coverage takes me back to when Katrina hit Louisiana and Mississippi.  When wind and water can pick up a 700 ton tanker and set it down on land is so unimaginable to me.  When I lived in California I experienced several earthquakes and in Hawaii I had to put important papers, Jim’s uniforms and our daughter and go to high elevation because they thought a tidal wave was coming.  With the tidal wave one of the worst things was sitting there in the car WAITING, not knowing if we would have a home to return to.  Actually, the worst thing would have been if it had hit.  Jim was getting aircraft off the base so, he wasn’t with us.

I do know one thing for sure that after the storm things calm down and get back to normal.  Those giant waves will become ripples and the strong winds will become gentle zephyrs.  While Sam Champion was covering the conditions in New York this morning there was a rainbow that appeared in the sky.

For those of us that have not been in the throes of the storm, know how blessed you are.  Please remember those that are in harm’s way whether they be family, friend or people you don’t even know.  Don’t forget all those brave people who are putting themselves at risk by being part of the rescue crews.  I heard there were groups from this area that were on standby but, I have not heard if they have deployed.

As you go about your day be prayerful and thankful.  Do whatever you need to do.  Remember: Service to a just cause rewards the worker with more real happiness and satisfaction than any other venture in life–Carrie Chapman Catt.  Melanie


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