Do you know this person?  This was taken at my neighbor’s house in 1978.  It was winter and that is a double knitted sweater that I had on with underwear under that.  She was a very dear friend that no matter how cold it was outside it was always warm in her home.  She did hard physical labor all the time that I knew her from running a saw mill, making heavy pallets for a company, to remodeling and making repairs for people.   She was an amazing lady and I don’t think I will ever meet another one like her again.  I miss her a lot.

I have friends in North Carolina and Maine and they have been in my thoughts and prayers ever since this big storm began brewing.  For the most part when I think of the beach and the ocean I get a peaceful feeling within.  I have never been there when something like this is going on.  The powers of mother nature are strong and it lets me know how weak and vulnerable we are at times like this.  The weather we are having for instance, last Thursday it was 82 degrees and I was out working in a t-shirt.  Within two days time it had dropped 40 degrees and I had my Cuddle Duds on underneath my other clothing.  It is still cold and now we have winds that make it feel even colder.  I expect winter to be cold but, not a 40 degree drop overnight.

I will leave you today with my daughters and me on the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base on the island of Oahu.  The girls took me there and to Kauai for my 70th birthday.  What a trip and what a journey we am continuing to have.

Whatever you do today stay warm or dry, and safe depending on where you are.  Remember:  You go where you look.  Focus on opportunities and travel the highways of life.  Melanie

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  1. Clara May was one of a kind.

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