Someone that commented on my blog yesterday asked me if I had photographed mushrooms.  Well I have and I will show you some different ones I have found in my yard.There were hundreds of these in my yard one day.  They were different shapes and sizes and the darker area looked like bronze.  I called this cluster “Smurf Village”.  I don’t know much about wild mushrooms so I just photograph them.  I do like to eat them.This is the underneath side of a variety that I grew from a box of dirt I ordered.  They are very delicious, if you like mushrooms.  They are so fresh and taste better than any I have gotten in the grocery.  I ordered another variety called “oyster” mushrooms.  They are very different in looks and taste.Their texture is different too so you don’t slice them for a salad.  I like them sautéed in garlic olive oil in a skillet.

Another interesting fungus that was by a big oak tree is this orange and white one.Just to look at it it looks like it would taste like candy but, I am not going to sample it to find out.  This will be my “candy” mushroom.  The next one was growing near the same oak tree around on the other side.  I call it the “brain” mushroom.These were growing at different times throughout the year.  I find these, and all. fungi interesting.  I guess, in a way, these are like us:  some are brainy, some sweet, some beautiful and others strange and we are all different.

So, back to my title, attention to detail.  Whatever you do today pay attention to detail, whether it is seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling or touching.  Have an exciting day and remember: if you don’t notice the little things, the details, can you imagine what you will have missed?  Melanie