The nature of things.

Nature has always fascinated me from my early years to now.  I am still amazed by something in nature nearly every day.  There are so many patterns and mysterious things to observe.  Do you know what this is?  It’s fennel, used in cooking.  When you cut up vegetables or fruits do you look at what is inside?  Just look at the way this plant is put together.  To me it’s beautiful.

Ever now and then I look at something and think how did that happen.  That was the case with my sweet potato crop last year.I called them my Alien sweet potatoes.  A few of them were normal looking but, most of them were like this one.  They tasted okay, just strange to look at.  Other things are happening in nature that are frightening to me.  Some reptiles and amphibians are dying and others are deformed.  We are experiencing more and more health problems.  We need to take a closer look at how we tread on the earth and how what we do is effecting, not only her, but us.

Someone ask me if the photography I display in my blog is mine and the answer is yes.  Every image posted here is one I have taken.  I love photography.  It is a way for me to have memories at my fingertips.  I usually always have a camera with me so I can capture a moment in time.  I hope I am not repeating myself but, it is a good habit to have.

The weather did indeed change.  Today it is overcast and much cooler and the forecast is cold for the next 7 days.  Whatever you do in weather like this, read a book, paint a picture or take a walk like I know my niece will be doing, just remember:  Everything has a purpose.  Melanie

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