When you were a kid did you play cowboys and Indians?  I can’t even calculate how many miles I rode on my stick horse.  I don’t remember killing any Indians but we had so many experiences and a lot of fun.  We would race around chasing each other and firing imaginary guns.  We got so sweaty and dirty and played from early in the morning , stop and eat a little lunch then, back out again until time to come in for supper.

The reason I am remembering this is because the weatherman referred our present weather as Indian Summer.  Today is our last day then, in comes the rain and a cold front that will dip temperatures by about 25 degrees.  I know your are busy but maybe you can take a walk at lunch or do something outside after you get home.  God has given us another perfect day and you should take some time to enjoy it.  No matter what you do remember:We are blessed with the rain as we are with the sun, with the night as with the day.  Happiness comes from within.  Melanie