When you were little did you have an imagination?  Did you read much?  I was, and still am, a reader.  We didn’t go places and travel like some people do today.  We played outside and made up games and things to do.   My favorite place to play was in the woods.  My mind would just go wild and my imagination worked overtime. I made all kinds of friends, mostly animal, but there were also leprechaun or “Wee Folk” that lived there.  They didn’t show themselves to everyone, only to those who believed.  One of my grandfathers was Irish and I knew about the “Little People”.

You know, you can go anywhere, do anything and be anyone in a book.  I wish more kids today read.  That is why J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter books and it worked for a while.  I still love to read teenage and young adult fantasy.  It is a sad thing to me that kids today don’t use their imagination very much.  Think of the films we wouldn’t be able to enjoy today if Lucas and Spielberg had not used their imagination.  The photo above was in the Redwood Forest in Northern California.  Being in there sure gave my imagination a spin.  This frog lives in one of the ponds on my farm.  We share glances occasionally and utter a few guttural sounds.  If I ever catch him on the bank I am going to grab him, kiss him and see if he is a prince.  If you see me at sometime in the future and I appear to be green, then you will know that it back fired.

I hope you have a lovely day and remember:  There is still magic around us, let yourself experience it.  Melanie