Today I am going to share a piece of my woodwork.  I was asked by a local church if I could build a lectern for them.  I said, “I don’t know, I have never tried.”  I went to the church and looked at what they had.  It was really small and not very steady so, I measured the angle for the tilt of the top went to Home Depot for my materials and began the process. I went on line and looked up some images to have an idea of how to begin.  I must say I had Divine intervention because this is my own creation and it turned out okay.  The first photo is of the lectern in its natural state with no finish.This is how the finished product looks.  I made two, one for the entry and one for the pulpit area to be used by the choir director.  When I was asked by my friend if I could make the barrister bookcases I told him the same thing, that I didn’t know.  What I have found in my life is that when you are asked if you can do something don’t just automatically say, “Oh no, I can’t do that” just because you never have.  You don’t know until you try.  Just think of all the ice cream you would never have eaten if you hadn’t ever tasted it.  There is a poem that is a favorite of mine but, that will come later.  Have a marvelous day and remember:  Each end is preceded and followed by a beginning.  Melanie       



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