Morning has broken.

Have you ever had a night where you go to bed and go to sleep then, you wake up about 2:30am?  I had one of these last night.  I got up, went to the bathroom then, went back to bed.  I lay there not going back to sleep because I got an idea in my head and it wouldn’t let go of me.  I laid there until 3:50am wide awake so, I just got up.  I began looking for photos and printed material to make an information board for an upcoming event.  I don’t know why in the world I had to do it at that hour but, I did.  I found part of what I was looking for then watched the sun come up.  There is something really special about beginning the day with the sun coming up and the birds singing their morning songs.  With a morning as gorgeous as this one it must be filled with good things.  Let’s get started and remember: It is much easier to take one step than to climb a mountain — or is it? Melanie

2 responses to “Morning has broken.”

  1. Are you going back to bed now?? Love you!

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  2. lol One September I said to my mother “I love this time of year, because you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to watch the sun rise.” then I realized what I said, and we both cracked up. But I think what I meant was you don’t have to get up at 4 am to see the sunrise. I hope you got a nap!

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