Did it storm at your house last night?  We had really strong winds, lots of lightning and rain.  My house is pretty old and when the wind hits it a certain way it whistles and moans and makes all those sounds of a ‘haunted house’.  It reminded me of the time that my youngest daughter was young and wanted to have a haunted house at Halloween and invite some of her friends for a party.  We decorated the upstairs, which her friends always thought was creepy, and had a party.  They had a great time.  That was at a time when kids didn’t have all the things they have now and they were amused and entertained by simpler things.  Those were the days.

When I got up this morning I was happy to see that the winds hadn’t blown all the leaves off the trees.  I always feel sorry for the trees when that happens because one day they are standing there in all their radiance and the next they are practically naked.  It was a good night for watching movies.  I watched two really good ones, “The Way” and “The Lucky One”.  I had never heard of “The Way” with Martin Sheen but, I am glad I watched it.  It was directed and produced by his son, Emilio Estevez.  If you get a chance watch it.

Everything looked so clean and washed this morning.  The sun is bright and makes the leaves on the trees glisten as they move.  It is a cool morning, just right for a cup of something hot and my choice is coffee.  It sounds like it is going to be a spectacular day so, make a plan to do something to match it.  Remember:  Stop only when there is nothing to do.  Melanie

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