Yesterday morning I went outside to get the Sunday paper.  That giant orange orb was just beginning to climb onto the horizon so, I thought ‘I have plenty of time to walk out to the road and get the paper then, get my camera and go back outside’.  When I got back inside I picked up my camera and went out the front door and whoops, no orange orb.  There were not any clouds low enough to be covering it so, where had it gone?  I stood there with my mouth hanging open in amazement.  I had missed it.  This morning I peered out the window in the front door and there she was so, I got my camera and played hide-n-seek with her before I did anything else. I am still baffled about where she  was hiding yesterday.

We had a warm but overcast weekend with showers here and there.  We also had winds with gusts up to 25 mph which shook loose some of the beautifully colored leaves and laid them on the ground.  That is the way of Mother Nature does, she gives us this glorious array of colors to see and soak into our memories for a while and then, little by little, they go away.  I hope you have taken the time to enjoy them.

As you can see by the photograph the sky is clear and I think we have been given another perfect day to do whatever it is that we do.  Be sure to notice all the wonderment around you and really experience your world.  Have a fantastic day and remember:  Knowledge is never a substitute for experience.  Melanie

One response to “Peek-a-boo”

  1. We are enjoying all the sites of beauitful Savannah!!!

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