The temperature was warmer last night so, we have a nice fog this morning.  What do you think when you see fog?  I guess it depends upon whether you have to drive in it or if you can just watch it.  To some people it invokes a sense of mystery.  I guess that comes from stories and movies that depict danger or murder  around fog.  It sure congers up strange thoughts in the creative mind.  What’s in your mind?

Soon it will be Halloween and the goblin in me will probably come out.  When I was in college I got the idea to be a hunchback.  I used old clothing that was tattered and torn, some old shoes that were too big and a knitted cap.  I took white shoe polish, put just a small drop of green coloring in it and put that on my face, neck and hands.  I took eye liner and made stitches around my mouth and scars on my cheek and arm with red make-up added to make it look sore and raw.  I darkened around my eyes to make them appear sunken.  I put a  small pillow under my clothes on my left shoulder and held it in place with an ace bandage.  When I walked I held my left shoulder higher that the right, gnarled the fingers on my left hand,  twisted my right foot and drug it as I went along.  I didn’t talk so no one ever knew who I was.  I was a monitor in my dorm and one Halloween I went to the door of one of the other monitors and scratched on it.  When she came to the door and saw me she fainted.  She scared me as badly as I scared her.

I hope in this busy world you don’t let yourself get so wrapped up in things that you don’t have the time to just sit and watch something beautiful.  I was out on my porch photographing humming birds at the feeders.  I saw this caterpillar crawling on the floor of the porch just minding his own business.  In a little bit I noticed that this spider had bound him and strung him up to the eve and continued wrapping him like a Christmas present.  We need to pay attention to detail.  There are so many wonderful things all around us that can make us aware.  As the saying goes “just chill”.

Wherever you are I hope you have a glorious day and remember:  We are blessed with the rain as we are with the sun, with the night as with the day.  Melanie


2 responses to “Foggy”

  1. As usual, beautiful. As you are.

  2. Melanie, I love these writings & pictures. Keep it up!

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