Bird songs

It is really wonderful getting up every morning when you have a chorus of birds singing outside your window.  It was not this cardinal but, there was a bird with the sweetest song singing outside my bedroom.  I have numerous feeders out with wild bird seed in them so, it’s no wonder I have lots of birds and I love it that way.

We had some rain last night.  I didn’t look at a clock but, sometime in the night it was thundering and lightening.  The power must have gone off at some point because the answering machine and the clock in the bathroom were flashing at me when I got up.  I don’t know what time it went off or how long it was off because I was snug in my bed with my soft Polartec sheets and down comforter.   I don’t think we had wind because the magnificent leaves are still on the trees.

I volunteer at our little library today.  That is always a bright spot in my week but, I have many bright spots in my weeks.  We receive no funds from anyone or anywhere because the county library closed our doors and we had to open on our own.  It took us nearly a year to build bookcases, collect books, card them all and get them on the shelves to be ready for the public.  After many, many hours of hard work we had our Grand Opening.  That was 5 years ago and now we are getting ready for an anniversary celebration.  Everyone that works there is a volunteer.  We are open everyday for half a day and all day on Wednesday.  We have found ways to generate money so we can buy the new books and not have to rely upon donated ones.  I just bought 8 new movies that will go in today.  We have computers for our people and have made it a warm, friendly place to visit.  We are very proud.  We do take donations, either as Friends of the Library or, in Memory of a loved one.  We still take book donations and have a big sale in the spring.The county library is wanting to build a new, bigger library now.  One of their board members met with our board last week wanting our support for their new venture.  Remember every time I pay for my vehicle license or property tax there is a library tax on there that does NOT go to my library, but to the county library.  I think I support them enough what do you think?

It is an overcast day today.  How are you going to spend it?  Drop by the Books To Go Library and visit with me for a while.  Remember:  Everywhere you look there is a gem.  Melanie

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